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Wapta Icefields, Banff National Park

Mts Olive & St. Nicholas

Ski Conditions

With two very fit guests, we climbed Mt. Olive and then St. Nick today in a day trip from the road. Up to 20 cm of new snow and cool temps provided very good ski quality on alpine and treeline north aspects. 240+ cm on the lower Bow glacier.

Olive was in easy, bucket step condition. St. Nick (south ridge) had much more exposed rock than I've ever seen for this time of year.

We exited via Hot Dog Lake and the coverage and skiing was pleasantly good. The final pitch above the moraine (approach trail) had two mid density temperature crust layers overlying large facets so we carefully kept to the trees away from the big connected slope. The snowpack here was beginning to lose its support at 14:30.

Bow Lake was supportive with a trace of new snow which allowed us to skate ski both on the approach and exit.

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