Ski Conditions

Ski Conditions

Just flew out of the ever so popular Tantalus Range and the Haberl Hut for the last three days. Warm and building storm on Tuesday. Storming all day yesterday and perfection today. The storm came in warm, finished cold with minimal wind. Storm snow bonded well to old surfaces above 1700m but yesterday it was reactive below that elevation. 15-25 cms of new snow. In many locations a 10-15 cms shallow slab was very reactive to skier traffic and some natural activity today and kept us off anything that we could not approach from above. Serratus North face is a classic example where you come up from the bottom and we did not want to be flushed off of that face today. Ski cutting was very effective for the adept folks that can practice it safely but you would get sucked into bad places if you screw up! North, North East and maybe East aspects would have survived the sun with the cold temps but all other aspects expect a crust. All aspects except true north-north east have a stout crust below the new snow so skinning and booting on those aspects can be a bit tougher (crampons and ski crampons).

Please take care of the Hut! The door has not been getting shut properly and blows open easily. Please Chip all ice away from the door and do not tape the locking door open and then leave! There is no propane for lanterns so bring your own. Pee at the designated spot so snow mines for water are not contaminated. Thanks!!!

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