Climbing Conditions

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Springtime at the Back of the Lake

Back of the Lake, Lake Louise

Climbing Conditions

Went for a short cragging session down to the Back of the Lake at Lake Louise this morning, and found a lot of snow along with some dry patches. Some highlights:

Roadside, Outhouse and Amphitheatre walls have varying amounts of mostly isothermal snow at the base. This ranged from about 50cm to 1 meter in places, but melting quickly. Blob Rock is clear. Many walls were seeping to some degree, especially the areas around Public Enemy and between Turtle Mountain and Coroner's Inquest. Blob Rock was dry.

We both saw and heard a large amount of rockfall as well a couple small sluffs off of Fairview, starting around 11am. Due to debris on a couple of approaches, I wouldn't discount the possibility of rockfall from above the climbing area either.

For those desperately looking for ice still... Louise Falls is still here, but it looks like there's more air than ice there right now. Wouldn't recommend it.

Bring boots for the approach, a shovel and a tarp, but the rock is starting to get in shape back here!

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