Climbing Conditions

Climbing Conditions

Jacob Dans and I climbed Carlsberg late last week, and found good conditions throughout. Protection is generally easy to find and good quality despite earlier season conditions en route. 2 main columns have formed making up the body of the route. Good stemming between the two would likely make for an easier trip up, however the route has seen enough traffic that there is secure hooking on generally well featured ice throughout (also making it easy to stay on your feet).

Kronenberg looks like it would go, though questionable how much ice is is actually bonding (to the rock) in behind, and the feature doesn't have much for a base of support just yet so probably requires a gentle touch or better yet... just a little more time :)

The gettin' is good right now. Have fun!

Mike Trehearne
IFMGA Mountain Guide
Cloud Nine Guides Inc.

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