Ski Conditions

ACMG Full Ski Exam Week conditions report

Icefall Lodge/Lyell-Mons Hut.

Ski Conditions

The ACMG TAP Full Ski Guide Exam took place at Icefall lodge from April 21-28. Groups traveled into the Rostrum valley, Kemmel/Home drainage, Lyell drainage and la Clytte/Lens area between 1700m-2600m. We avoided large unsupported features and thin snow pack areas. We skied supported features up to 40 degrees. The week started off with large convective cells moving through the area producing localized snow fall amounts to 10cm and low/flat light conditions with generally light to moderate southerly winds. The early April facet layer was found down 60cm-100cm on all aspects in the alpine producing easy sudden results. Above this on southerly aspects were multiple deteriorating crust/facet layers to just below the surface. On northerly aspects the snow pack was well settled above and below the early april facet layer with Isolated wind slabs on immediate lee's. Surface snow ranged from melt freeze crusts that softened to nice corn to 2400m when the sun came out on solar aspects and dry snow on Polar. On April 25th the skies cleared and groups travel over Crampon Col to the Lyell and Mons huts getting some great turns in along the way. On April 26th before heading back to Icefall Lodge the groups skied a variety of lines and aspects off various mountains from 3400m to 1900m. Surfaces ranged from dry snow and/or bullet proof sastrugi on polars to corn on solars. Solar output was strong on this day. On the evening of the 26th into the 27th we received 20cm of new snow at Icefall lodge with light winds to below tree line. This produced great skiing on our last day. On the evening of the 27th moderate to strong westerly winds redistributed the new snow onto immediate lee's. Overall travel was excellent with an HS of 150-350+ probed on the glaciers. Ski crampons were a must for most days.
Icefall is a big mountain play ground!

ACMG Full Ski Guide candidates and Examiners.

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