Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

Accessed Wasootch Ridge Friday, March 8th, for a day up high without much fuss.

Conditions: Moderate winds from the South, -5°c before wind chill. Partly cloudy with snow moving in from the SW.

The first km of trail was steep and slick; poles and sturdy boots are recommended. Cleats could be useful in lieu of mountaineering boots. If using cleats, be considerate in the sections of exposed earth, as these sections are becoming eroded.

Once on the ridge, sections of the trail were blown over, with areas of thick wind slab. Simple route finding skills required, as well as the ability to laugh at yourself when puncturing through the slab every several steps.

Observed evidence of a recent size 2.5 avalanche across the Wasootch drainage, on a shoulder of McDougall NW2. Steep NE aspect, appeared to have run to ground.

A good option to get some quick cardio in the hills.

Onwards and upwards,


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