Ski Conditions

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Widespread Melt-freeze Crust

Kootenay pass - Cornice Ridge / Missile

Ski Conditions

Had a great day skiing SE and NE aspects with 10-20cm of low density storm snow which fell the previous 12 hours.

Below this there is a very thin melt-freeze crust which may have been a brief rain event which occurred on 190122 and is widespread; all aspects to ridgetop. This was breakable and only slightly noticeable while skiing.

Surface hoar layer on polar aspects noted down 30-40cm giving moderate / resistant planar results. No whumphing or cracking noted.

Size 1 to 1.5 point releases on solar aspects with a bit of most snow running fast and far on recent storm snow below 1900m.

Temps were -2 to -7.

Winds were calm most of the day, however, in the later afternoon, they picked up to moderate from the NW causing reverse loading.

Overall, a great day with a spectacular sunset.

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