Ski Conditions

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Ski Conditions

Guided Wapta Traverse, from Bow Lake to Great Divide Lodge via Sherbrooke Lake.

During our stay HST accumulated 25cm which redistributed by M-S VAR wind. Widespread 4F-1F up to 40cm WSL formed in ALP which wasn't reactive to Skier traffic. Ski quality was still OK.

Both Bow and Sherbrooke lake was well frozen. Coverage of creek /canyon were good too.
Snow bridge over the crevasse on our way to Balfour high col was getting thin from two weeks ago but still passable. Most of places on the glacier was 3m+ snow.

Summer trail from Shrebrooke Lake to lodge, you need to take skis off once.

We didn't need ski crampons.

Overall was still good condition.
Photo is the Sherbrooke Lake

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