Ski Conditions

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Tantalus Range

Haberl Hut area

Ski Conditions

One day hit in the Tantalus, 2 guided groups with ACMG Guide Joe Schwartz.

We skied off the shoulder of Dione back onto Serratus Gl., the ‘Warm up’ lap off Serratus, Serratus N face and the bowl between Alpha- Serratus. The last 48h brought up to 15cm of storm snow with wind effect limited to exposed areas near ridgetop. Snow became moist on N aspects by midday below 1900m. Overall, pretty good coverage on the glaciers despite the leaner snowpack this year, the strong mid pack is bridging most holes and shrunds pretty well.

We saw 2 older slab avalanches up to size 3 with fracture lines half buried, one on the N face of Serratus, one off the peak south of the hut. Most of the recent activity was limited to loose dry avalanches up to size 1.5 not pulling slabs. The N face of Serratus was littered with sluffs wall to wall. I did trigger a size 1 windslab on one of the Serratus spines, 15cm deep, on the ski down. We saw some loose wet activity on steep solar aspects once the sun started packing a punch.

The hut looks clean, ready for a new roof which I think is planned for later this spring. There is a new outhouse attached to the back of the hut, nice addition thanks to the ACC.

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