Ski Conditions

Spooky, but great skiing.

Rockies / Mt Field

Ski Conditions

Adding to Jeff's report of a couple days ago...

Skiied (yesterday, Jan 25) to treeline on Mt Field with some buds, found GREAT skiing even with the abundance of Charlie Brown christmas trees and alder. Ski pen of 30-40cm.
Jumped on several mushrooms and got DRAMATIC failures, down ~60cm.

3 test pits spread out across slope at 2100m, NE asp:
CT results in moderate/hard range, all sudden planar, down 62cm. Found 1-5mm surface hoar and facets, suspect Jan 5 layer.
Performed an ECT, and while the block did not fail within the 30 hits that are standard, I hit a few more times and got a sudden planar result on hit #34, fracturing across the column all at once, down 62cm. While not "standard", I consider this result significant.

We stuck to conservative terrain. (duh)

Jason Guptill ASG/ARG

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