Ski Conditions

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Excellent skiing

Mt Field, Field BC, Rockies

Ski Conditions

Excellent ski quality on Mt Field today from summit to valley bottom. Broken skies most of the day provided good visibility up high especially once the ice fog dissipated. Temperatures stayed consistent about -8 throughout the day above 2200m but warmed to near freezing at valley bottom by the end of the day. Light SW winds in the afternoon created some wind transport and loading in the immediate lee. Some soft slabs forming near ridge top reactive to skier traffic in isolated terrain features. There is still evidence of a widespread avalanche cycle which happened in early January. No recent avalanches observed today. Up to 15cm of recent new snow and the January 17th surface hoar was only found below tree line which was not reactive to skiers. Measured HS to be anywhere between 200-230cm in the alpine. Of special note to ice climbers the routes on Mt Ogden along Yoho Valley road look to be in good shape.

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