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Christmas Powder

Kootenay Pass, Southern Selkirks

Ski Conditions

Hi all,

Today we had excellent ski quality and weather for a ski tour at Kootenay Pass Dec 24, 2018. We ski the East and West side of Cornice Ridge on the north side of HWY 3. We even spotted Santa getting a fast lap before his busy evening. Photo proof attached!

We did a test profile at 2020m on Northeast aspect in lee slope below ridge top at treeline, 29 deg incline, height of snow 175cm, test depth 110 cm. We got moderate resistant sheers down 35cm, hard sudden shears down 70cm on decomposing particles to 2 mm and hard shears down 90 cm on decomposing surface hoar to 4mm.

We did not see/feel any new avalanches or signs of instability.

Merry Christmas!

David Lussier
acmg mountain guide

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