Climbing Conditions

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Black Dike Ice Route

Franconia Notch, NH

Climbing Conditions

Black Dike - Cannon Cliff, Franconia Notch, NH.

Conditions on the route are excellent. Plenty of ice and minimal mixed climbing through the short rock transverse for the second pitch. Multiple variations possible including a straight up pure ice variation. Conditions on the rest of Cannon Cliff are less favourable. Blue skies have caused extensive warming of the rock with most major routes with sun exposure missing part of their routes. While climbing it was apparent with lost of ice collapses on the sunny walls. Warming trends with rain in the forecast... likely the season is nearly done here.
On another note, the WG Ridge is mostly snow free and in great shape minus the final pitch which is loose (as always) and damp at the exit. Be ready for some fully engaged climbing and cognitive exercises when finishing the route. Spectacular yes... unnerving... very.

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